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Meet Jackie

Jackie and her family have been part of the Edmond community for the past 25 years. She and her husband Neil are the co-owners of Avalanche Print Company, a small business in Edmond.

Jackie’s background is in non-profit development as the executive director of Dialogue, Start One, a 501c3 organization that she founded to focus on advocacy, education, and fundraising for partner non-profits. She was featured in the NY Times bestselling book “The Enough Moment” by John Prendergast and actor Don Cheadle as an “Upstander” and Social Entrepreneur working for positive change. Currently, she serves on the board of Fostering Sweet Dreams Foundation, an organization that provides beds and other essential items to kinship foster families.

Jackie’s two children attended Edmond Public Schools. Ryan graduated in 2013 and her daughter Sofia is currently a sophomore at Edmond Memorial High School. When Sofia showed signs of learning difficulties in kindergarten, Jackie began educating herself and learned that 1in 5 children do in fact have a learning disability. Only a small number of these children receive specialized instruction or accommodations due to lack of funding for programs and teacher training. As the parent of a child with dyslexia and dysgraphia, Jackie has spent the last 7 years advocating for the necessity of early identification and intervention for children with learning disabilities to ensure that all children have the chance to be successful.

As a past member of the Cimarron Middle School Parent Teacher Organization and the current co-president of the Edmond Memorial Parent Organization. Jackie is actively involved in our schools. She believes that elected representatives must understand the consequences of their vote and she is committed to making Oklahoma education the best it can be.


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